XCOM: Legends

A brand-new XCOM game has recently soft launched

XCOM: Legends is a new mobile-only spin-off.

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It has now been five years since the excellent XCOM 2 was released and with developer Firaxis supposedly working on a turn-based Marvel game, we could be waiting a fair bit longer. Helping to ease this lengthy wait, developer Iridium Starfish has just soft released XCOM: Legends, a new mobile-only spin-off that is available now on the Google Play Store in certain territories.

According to its Google Play Store listing, the game is said to feature a central campaign and several PvP modes. It might be on mobile, but it looks to have quite of depth too, as you'll be able to allocate your squad with different skills and abilities upon leveling up and there are different heroes you can select with their own pros and cons.

As expected, the game is free-to-play and as it's only in an early development state, it will likely change shape over time. At this point, it's unclear whether Legends will launch for Apple devices and when it will be coming to other countries. We tried to search the game within the Google Play Store here in the UK and were unable to find it listed. No details regarding the game's microtransaction have been detailed, but the store page notes it has in-game purchases.

The game's description reads: "Liberate the Earth in XCOM Legends, a brand new mobile turn-based RPG! Assume control of XCOM, one of the last resistance groups on the planet, and lead the charge to take back Earth from the tyrannical alien invaders known as ADVENT. Twenty years have passed since Earth surrendered to the alien invaders. By the time we realized the alien threat, the war was already over and humanity was lost. To exterminate the last of the resistance fighters, the aliens have unleashed an untold, ancient evil."

XCOM: Legends

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