A bunch of Borderlands developers have left Gearbox

In total seven senior members of Gearbox are moving elsewhere.

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Several members of the team who have helped develop Borderlands over the years have left Gearbox Software, after previously being credited to be working on a "new independent project".

Reported on by Axios, in total, seven members of Gearbox have left, all of whom were working on a project that is still in pre-production. The report mentions that Gearbox has already started shifting new members to fill the positions that have been left, and that "their departure will cause minimal disruption in our current plans," as Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said.

As for the names of those who have left the developer, they include:

  • Senior producer Christopher Brock.

  • Lead mission designer Keith Schuler.

  • Art director Scott Kester

  • Creative director Paul Sage

  • UX/Game Feel director Chris Strasz

  • Lead character artist Kevin Penrod

The report also states that the departure's are all occurring "on the best of terms" as Pitchford put it, and that Gearbox's attention is still entirely dedicated to finishing Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which is regarded as "on-track" by Pitchford.

As for the developers themselves, the report mentions that they will be leaving to work on a new independent project together. No word on what that is yet, however.

A bunch of Borderlands developers have left Gearbox

Thanks, Axios.

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