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Action game Sifu has confirmed its release date

It's coming in February.

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Do you have a Kung-Fu dream? Are you interested in intense hand-to-hand combat and fighting for your beliefs? Sifu, a third person action title that leads you to go on the path of vengeance and hunt down the murderers of your family, has some really interesting gameplay mechanics which you can check from our previous report.

The game originally aimed to release in 2021, however later delayed to early 2022. On the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream earlier, a more specific release date has finally been confirmed.

It was revealed that Sifu will land on PC, PS4 and PS5 on February 22, 2022. Now, pre-orders are available and you can check details on PlayStation Storeor Epic Games Store already.

A new trailer can be found here. Will you play the game?


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