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Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova

Animated Star Trek Prodigy show is getting its own video game

The cast of the show will portray their characters in-game.

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As part of today's OG Unwrapped Showcase, the publisher known for its children's games has just announced that later this year the animated Star Trek kids series, Star Trek Prodigy will be getting its own video game.

Set to be called Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova, this game which is being developed by Tessera Studios, is set to be an action-adventure title that can be played with up to two people.

It'll ask players to travel to a planet threatened by a dying star in the effort of saving friends, their ship, and the new alien species that reside on the planet. This will be done using various unique skills to slash and shoot through the combat scenarios, and on top of this, there will be puzzle encounters to solve.

We're told that the game will also see the cast of the series returning to voice their respective characters in-game, which includes Ella Purnell (Arcane), Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager), and Jason Mantzoukas (Big Mouth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

As for when Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova will land, that is expected to be October 14 this year, and it'll be arriving on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova
Star Trek Prodigy: SupernovaStar Trek Prodigy: SupernovaStar Trek Prodigy: Supernova
Star Trek Prodigy: SupernovaStar Trek Prodigy: Supernova

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