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Catherine: Full Body

Catherine: Full Body arrives on Nintendo Switch

The romanticly-inclined puzzle-adventure has finally awoken on Nintendo's hybrid console.

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Catherine: Full Body is an adventure game with a romantic twist from Studio Zero and Atlus, and years after the first iteration of the game landed on old-gen consoles back in 2012, the Full Body edition has just landed on Nintendo Switch.

The game is a mixture of narrative scenes starring love-fool Vincent and puzzle sequences where he must climb a mountain in his dreams, dodging obstacles and trying to survive the night.

This new Switch edition of the game is out now (as of yesterday, in fact), and it lands with all previous DLC as well as new voice options referencing the Persona series. Check out the new launch trailer to see it in action.

Catherine: Full BodyCatherine: Full BodyCatherine: Full Body
Catherine: Full Body

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