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Celebrate UK game music tonight with Game Changers

The livestream event will feature performances from Chipzel, Luci Holland, and more.

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If video game music and/or chiptunes are your thing, then tonight's Game Changers promises to be a show worth watching, with the likes of Chipzel, Luci Holland, and Nyokeë preparing to perform at London's Loading Bar. Here's a description of what you can expect:

Providing a mix of live-as-it-happens performances and exclusive video content, the evening will feature high-energy rave sets from chiptune and synth artists Chipzel and Circuit Bird, an exclusive Zoom-recorded collaboration between composer Luci Holland and the Tinderbox orchestra, a journey through the diverse genres of indie game specialist Ninichi and the synth-heavy retro game sounds and visuals of singer and producer Nyokeë.

Arranged by UK trade body Ukie and sponsored by a new music game called Fuser (NCSoft), the show will start tonight at 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST and will run for more than four hours. You can catch the event over on, and money is being raised for two charities, game-focused GamesAid and Mermaids, a charity supporting trans and gender-diverse young people.

Celebrate UK game music tonight with Game Changers

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