Sniper Elite 4

'Classified' Sniper Elite announcement coming later today

The official Twitter feed for the game hints that 2019 may see the return of a fan-favourite installment in the franchise.

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A Twitter post released on the official Sniper Elite account details that a new "classified" development update will be dropping later today. Accompanied with the post was a small video that showed the Brandenburg Gate smouldering and laced with sandbags, which seems very reminiscent of the final mission of Sniper Elite V2.

Scheduled to come out at 17:00 GMT (09:00 PST), the update points to the announcement of a remastered version of Sniper Elite V2, which in turn coincides unfortunately with the accidental leak of the trailer that occurred yesterday. The trailer was taken down fairly quickly, although it did reveal that the game will come with all the DLC, new playable characters, and a new photo mode.

In a separate Twitter post - this time from developer Rebellion - the Sniper Elite team have also revealed that the trailer for V2 is only "a mere morsel of what we have in store for tomorrow". What exactly that means remains unclear, but considering we're likely seeing a potential Sniper Elite V2 remaster, a new installment could be on the horizon.

To watch the reveal and participate in the "classified" development update, head to the official stream at the designated time.

Will you be tuning into the development update stream?

Sniper Elite 4

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