Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality to launch this September

The first-person adventure will be arriving on PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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Maze Theory has announced that its first-person adventure set in the BBC's iconic sci-fi universe Doctor Who, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, will in fact be releasing on September 30. The game that will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles, will be bringing the thirteenth Doctor (voiced by Jodie Whittaker herself) to explore a variety of worlds across a range of modes of gameplay.

The adventure also promises encounters with the tenth Doctor (voiced by David Tennant), as well as plenty of Easter eggs and enemies from the Doctor Who universe, including Cybermen, the Daleks, and Weeping Angels - all as players venture across the Chaosverse, an alternate reality where worlds and timelines collide to create new threats, encounters, and adventures.

"With our partners at BBC Studios, we are giving Doctor Who fans and gamers an incredible new experience through space and time," said Ian Hambleton, CEO of Maze Theory. "The appearance of both the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors is set to be an epic event. The 'Chaosverse' is a mind-blowing new concept, which brings a whole new dimension to the Doctor Who experience."

With release only a couple of months away, be sure to check out the release date announcement trailer below.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality

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