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Salamanders disqualified from Rainbow Six Challenger League

SYZYGY has taken their place, and we know all the participants for Season 10 of the competition.

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Season 10 of the Rainbow Six: Siege Challenger League will soon be here, but the ESL Rainbow Six Twitter account has revealed that there's one team we won't be expecting, and that's the side called Salamanders.

"Salamanders have been disqualified from Challenger League due to participation of an ineligible player in the 4th qualifier. Their slot has been taken by SYZYGY who placed 2nd in that tournament," the tweet reads.

That said, we can still expect ForZe, GameWard Team, KKona KKopteri, BDS, Team Orgless, Team Secret, and Trust Gaming to join them, all of which are promising sides in Siege esports.

Which are you most excited about seeing?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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