Excel Esports adds Verox to its Fortnite roster

The 19-year-olds first appearance with the team will be at the Fortnite Championship Series Chapter 2 Season 7 event.

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Excel Esports has revealed that it has fortified its Fortnite roster with the signing of Jacob 'Verox' Gilbert​. The 19-year-old player has already seen great success as he was able to score a top place finish at the Dreamhack Open Solo finals as well as 10 top placements in Fortnite Cash Cups. His first appearance with Excel Esports will be at the Fortnite Championship Series Chapter 2 Season 7 event on July 29.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer at Excel Esports said: "At Excel we are committed to nurturing the best talent so when the opportunity to sign a home-grown player like Verox came up we knew we had to take it. Verox is an extremely talented individual and has shown an incredible amount of consistency over recent periods. Fortnite is a fantastic game title that is constantly changing, keeping it fresh for viewers of the competitive side of the game and I can't wait to see Verox rocking the XL tag at his next tournament."

Verox additionally added: "What drew me to signing with Excel was knowing that they have a great performance coaching structure and facilities where I can practice. I am also looking forward to growing as a player and working with Excel to create some great content to share with my fans."


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