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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Guide: Five handy tips for taming Yara

We've spent a while exploring the island of Yara and have picked a few tips for helping you along your journey.

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Far Cry 6 has now launched, giving fans of the series a chance to dive into Ubisoft's tropical island sandbox of Yara to take the fight to Anton Castillo and his vicious government. With such a wide map available to explore and plenty to get stuck into from the get-go, I've had a thought about my experience with the game so far, and have created a handy and short guide to get new and returning players started when it comes to taming the wild world of Yara. Here are five tips for tackling Far Cry 6.


1. Never. Stop. Looting.

A major part of finding success in Yara comes in how you build out your loadout. Far Cry 6 gives you plenty of ways to construct weapons and your gear to suit the way you like to play. But, being able to do this will require resources, and the best way to acquire these is to simply constantly loot. It doesn't matter where you are, or what you are doing, if you see something shiny that can be picked up, make sure you grab it. Believe me, you'll come to appreciate this method when you next visit a workbench, and find yourself overflowing with available upgrades and gear.

2. Silencers and armor piercing rounds are your best friend

Although Far Cry has always been known for its hectic action, the best way to explore Yara and eliminate Castillo's forces is without making a peep. Head to a workbench and fit an easy-to-handle weapon with a silencer (military grade is recommended, but even the makeshift ones work fine) and you can begin chipping away at Yaran soldiers without making a murmur.

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To go one step further, make sure to also add armor-piercing rounds to your silenced weapon, that way even soldiers with the most armoured helmets will be easily dispatched, without alerting anyone nearby. You'll appreciate this especially when Castillo starts stepping up his efforts in bringing you down.

Far Cry 6Far Cry 6
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3. You can't go wrong with explosives

Contrary to my previous point, sometimes the silent route isn't always the best route. When all hell breaks loose, explosives are your greatest ally. Whether you're rocking grenades, dynamite, an RPG, a grenade launcher, even the Supremo backpack, they are all ideal for destroying enemy vehicles and taking out any enemy forces hiding in cover. Explosives are also by far the best way to rile up Castillo and his army, although this will draw a lot of attention to you. Granted pretty much anything the Yaran army throws at you, bar tanks, will struggle to power through your explosive arsenal, so the extra focus isn't exactly a bad thing.

4. Take the road less-travelled

Yara is a big, beautiful island, packed with opportunities and things to do pretty much everywhere. You'll be taken across the island, exploring military compounds and sprawling cities, all over a huge network of roads, but Far Cry 6 excels when you venture off the beaten path and follow the original guerrilla's footsteps by seeing what Yara hides in its lush jungles and deep cave systems.

Whether we're talking about watching or hunting Yara's vast fauna, climbing mountains to find some hidden loot, diving into water-filled caves to discover its secrets, a lot of Yara has more to offer than meets the eye. And, a lot of time, you'll be encouraged to visit these places through side quests and activities, so make sure to speak with quest providers, Libertad fighters, and military informants to get hints to some less visited locations.

Far Cry 6Far Cry 6

5. Clear checkpoints, forts, and SAM sites as soon as you find them

You probably see a lot of red gracing the map of Yara, and for the most part, this marks a military presence. In general, there's not a whole lot you can do to remove this presence, but the different checkpoints, forts, and SAM sites can be dealt with, and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Not only will clearing these reward you with resources and often some more gear, it'll also free up the map quite considerably. Checkpoints and forts will provide new fast travel points, and removing SAM sites will allow you to take to Yara's skies without being shot down like a partridge at the height of September. So needless to say, there's an advantage, other than helping the cause, when it comes to ridding Yara of Castillo's forces.

Honorary mention: Check your corners Dani

Dani might be pretty handy when it comes to handling a rifle, but our protagonist has a bit of an issue when it comes to checking corners. We won't spoil anything, but a quick peek when entering a random building will really save Dani a lot of pain as the storyline progresses.

Far Cry 6 is now available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, and if you'd like to check out what we thought about the game, be sure to read our review here, or watch our video review below.


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