Felix the Reaper

Felix the Reaper is dancing his way onto iOS soon

This groovy and deadly puzzler is coming to iOS devices in just a few months.

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Felix the Reaper warmed our hearts last October, when the puzzler from Kong Orange tasked us with helping the titular reaper, Felix, to, well, reap some souls. What separate's Felix from other reapers is that he dances a lot while he takes his target's soul.

Soon, however, Felix will dance his way onto iOS devices, with the ported version of the game planned for a late February or early March release. There will be a beta test soon too, so keep an eye out for it here.

Felix the Reaper is a puzzler where you have to rotate the stage so Felix can make his way to his targets without being exposed to sunlight. On the iOS version, there will be a few additional gameplay improvements over the console release.

Felix the Reaper

Thanks, TouchArcade.

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