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FIFA 22 - Career Mode

There's a lot of new features coming, from creating a club to a revamped player career.

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Career Mode might have lost some of its popularity in FIFA Ultimate Team, but it's still one of the main draws for players, especially the ones playing offline. Every couple of years or so, EA implements new features, and while the main experience remains largely untouched this year, there's quite a few new stuff to write about outside of that main experience. And before you go on to read what's new on FIFA 22's Career Mode, remember you can read our impressions on the football sim gameplay right here.

This year's biggest new feature on Career Mode is Create A Club. As you start a new manager career, you can either chose to manage a real club, or create a brand new one. You will set name, commentary nickname, starting league (replacing a real club), and rival club. There are also several options to create kits, crests, and even stadiums. After choosing one of EA's own stadiums, you can set grass patterns, goal nets, crowd chants, and even goal songs. You can also choose your starting money, squad average age, overall starting quality of the squad, and board expectations to fulfill.

There's also a new dynamic player tifo system in place on Career Mode, that will take a player that is doing an exceptional season, and display it as a tifo in the crowd.

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Nothing else was mentioned regarding the manager career, but there's a lot of changes coming to the player career. First up, your created player can now start the matches on the bench, and come up during the match with set goals to try and achieve. After the matches, you can also watch new locker room cinematics, that "will reflect your teams and your player's performance", according to Alex Constantinescu, Senior Game Designer for Career Mode.


As you play and perform, you will gain points in "Manager Rating", and after you get enough points towards your manager's favor, you will move up a tier (from sub to starting eleven, for example). Regarding objectives, you will get three dynamic objectives as you enter the pitch, but you can choose to enhance one of them, making that specific objective harder, but also more rewarding in terms of XP.

Player progression for your athlete also works a bit differently. Both training (using skill games or simulation) and matches will now earn you XP, and each time you level up, you will win skill points. You can then buy improvements in several areas (defending, dribbling, shooting, etc) using those skill points, meaning there's now no passive skill growth as there was in the past, and you choose exactly how to improve your player. Each skill tree will also have a special final unlock, that will further define your play-style, like "Maestro Archetype", which "allows a player to perform skill moves at peak efficiency".

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Finally, there's now a perk system with perks that you unlock as you level up. Essentially you can equip three different perks before each match, and there are dozen to choose from. "Chance Creation" is an example of a perk, boosting passing abilities for all your teammates. You can choose perks that further enhance you, the entire team, or both.

Finally, EA confirmed FIFA 22's Career Mode will also include the new UEFA Europa Conference League, new broadcast stories (including Alex Scott joining the broadcasting team - the first female broadcaster in FIFA games), and new negotiation cutscenes.

For more on FIFA, also check our Pro Clubs special, and we still have Volta and FUT articles coming up soon.


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