Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster may not stay restricted to PC and mobile devices

Square Enix revealed in a recent Q&A that it could come to consoles if there's demand.

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Within a recent Japanese-only Q&A, Square Enix shared some interesting details regarding Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

The remasters of the original six games are currently only limited to PC and mobile devices, but Square noted here that they could come to even more platforms provided that the demand is high. What exactly Square considers as high demand though is unclear. Another interesting fact unearthed from the Q&A is that composer Nobuo Uematsu played a role in rearranging the original music and reproducing sound effects. There is also said to be a music player that allows you to listen to these reworked compositions outside of gameplay.

The reworked versions of Final Fantasy 1-3 are set to arrive on July 28, but it is still unclear when the other three games will be seeing a release.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

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