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Flaunt The Hulk's hands in Fortnite in new crossover event

Those who check out the Marvel's Avengers Beta in Fortnite can earn the Hulk Smasher Pickaxe and a bonus Hulkbuster style.

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Fortnite is getting a crossover event with Marvel's Avengers an ahead of the release of the game and the crossover event, a beta is set to be held in Fortnite. The beta opens up for those with pre-orders on PlayStation 4 on August 7 through August 9 while the pre-order beta on Xbox One runs from August 14 through August 16. Following this, the official open beta lands on PlayStation 4 in two increments, from August 14 until August 16 and then from August 21 through August 23 while Xbox players will have to make due in the latter, August 21-23.

Those who play the beta at any point will get the chance to unlock the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe and the bonus Hulkbuster style by completing three 'HARM Challenges' and link your accounts correctly (read more here). The items will also be available for purchase at a later date.


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