Fortnite teases a Tron crossover

The crazy crossovers continue.

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Fortnite has introduced some pretty crazy characters over the past season. From The Mandalorian to Predator, the latest season has focussed on bringing the universe's best hunters into the battle royale title, and now we've been teased with the next on the list, and it seems to be from Tron.

The tease comes from one of those audio files that Epic likes to release on the Fortnite Twitter channel, and it sees Troy Baker talking about an "incredibly old computer" that seems to be temperamental to use. After smacking the computer to get it going, Baker's character is asked to make himself comfortable, before being pulled into something. All things considered, there's not a whole lot else this could be aside from Tron.

As for what this crossover will contain however, that remains to be determined. It could be some new skins, or something a little more alike Predator's involvement in the title. Either way, we'll have to wait to find out.


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