Gamereactor chooses Game of the Year 2010!

Deciding the top titles of the year is always a messy business. Heading into a heated discussion with friends is akin to prepping for a court case, such is the weight given each and every example for why game 'X' trumps game 'Y' in the positional stakes. There's never such a thing as a clear-cut winner most years when these features roll around, and 2010 is no different.

We've been very fortunate for the wide range of quality titles that have made the leap onto retail shelves and while we could (and have) argued until blue in the face why certain titles pipped others to the winner's post, there's little wrong with any title you see in the following lists. They're all stunning examples of their individual genres.

But then you might see differently, and that's why we've left each game open for comments from you. Agree, argue or just reminisce - you're likely to have an opinion on every one. Personally, I'm still trying to work through the backlog of this lot before 2011 begins - and next year will have to pull off some amazing gaming feats to stand tall against the brilliance that has hit gaming systems these last twelve months. Don't believe me? Read on.

/Gillen McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

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