Gamereactor chooses Game of the Year 2011!

As with any year the Game of The Year is an incredibly complex process: we stick all the names on a board, toss some darts while blindfolded, then hit the pub.

If only.

Though it is true that for the most the GR-UK team were in complete agreement about the titles that'd make each category's top three: the argument came down to the smaller details. We wanted the best of the best on these lists: decent game with great ideas could no longer cut it given how impressive 2011's been for releases. If you haven't picked up some of the games featured here, then we hope our reasonings for their inclusions will compel you to reconsider - and if you're amazed something hasn't made the lists (and even we have some personal favourites we had to write off in the face of dauntingly superb competition), or argue the placements, then let us know.


/Gillen McAllister, Editor-in-Chief

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