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PAW Patrol: Grand Prix

Hit the track for some karting action as the PAW Patrol this September

This kart racer is a first for the PAW Patrol series, and includes various tracks and characters from the show.

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We've been covering the Outright Games Showcase, and as part of that effort we've been looking into all of the new games that the publisher is looking to offer up over the coming months. As part of that serving, the PAW Patrol will be getting another video game, and this time will be a series first, as it will be a kart racer.

Known as PAW Patrol: Grand Prix and coming from developer 3D Clouds, this title will pit up to four players against one another on a selection of 11 tracks from three locations, all based in the PAW Patrol world of Adventure Bay. There are ten playable characters, including that of Chase, Ryder, Skye, and Rex from Dino Rescue, and likewise, we're told that players will be able to customise their karts with a selection of stickers and toppers inspired by the show.

As this is of course tailored to younger audiences, we're told that there will not be any paid in-game content. As for which platforms PAW Patrol: Grand Prix will be available on, that will be PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch, and the game itself will arrive on September 30 this year.

Check out some screenshots and a trailer for the game below.

PAW Patrol: Grand PrixPAW Patrol: Grand Prix
PAW Patrol: Grand PrixPAW Patrol: Grand Prix
PAW Patrol: Grand PrixPAW Patrol: Grand Prix

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