It looks like Alien is joining Fortnite now

Will the crossovers ever end?

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The latest crossover for Fortnite has been teased, as none other than the fearsome Xenomorph itself is slated to be joining the game. Alien will be coming to the battle royale title, as a fitting foe to the previously introduced Predator skin.

No word on when this crossover will be officially landing has been dated just yet, but recent leaks do seem to suggest that Alien will be a wearable skin straight off the bat, and not just an in-game foe like Predator was at the start.

Considering we don't know much else about this crossover just yet, we also can't comment as to how much the skin will cost, or what other accessories it will come with. A giant Facehugger Glider would probably be pretty cool though.


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