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Halo Infinite

John Carpenter: Halo Infinite is best of the series

The horror icon gave his thoughts on the shooter.

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The horror master (that's actually even his handle on Twitter) John Carpenter is a known gamer, who has expressed his love for the medium quite a lot during the decades. Recently he's been playing Halo Infinite, which was released last month for both PC and Xbox, and boy does he like it. Carpenter tweets:

"HALO INFINITE is a fun shooter. Immense beautiful production design. Best of the Halo series."

The 74 year old horror legend (Halloween, The Fog, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China) got several replies from both developers and the Xbox team, but also other celebrities like Elon Musk, who wrote "Good campaign".

And as you might know from our review, we won't argue with that.

Halo Infinite

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