Jump Rope Challenge

Jump Rope Challenge available to download for free on Switch

Looking to get in shape during quarantine? Check Nintendo's Jump Rope Challenge out on Switch.

Tonight, a new software shadow-dropped on the Nintendo Switch eShop. It's called Jump Rope Challenge and you would not say this is a new game, rather a sports app giving you a quick and easy workout at home. And it's totally free.

Nintendo said that a group of creators developed this app while working from home to move their bodies. In Japan, as in many other countries around the world, people had to stay inside to stop COVID-19 from spreading, increasing the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Jump Rope Challenge is just about jumping a virtual rope created by the movement of the Joy-Con controllers. Players can control their exercise as a fit rabbit mimics its movement on the screen. Nintendo asks players to reach at least 100 jumps per day and try and beat their own records every day. There is also a two-player mode for jumping together with the same rope, with one Joy-Con in hand each person.

Jump Rope Challenge is available now for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop and will be pulled in September.

Jump Rope Challenge
Jump Rope ChallengeJump Rope ChallengeJump Rope Challenge

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