Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2019 reportedly spams child with ads

Ubisoft says it's working hard to correct the issue.

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Did you know Just Dance 2019 features a Kid's Mode that's supposed to be a safer version of the main game? The goal is to offer a lighter and streamlined version of the dance 'em up, with more child-friendly songs and no micro-transactions in sight. That might be the goal, but it's not what reportedly happened to one family, when one child was apparently "spammed" with subscription requests. The child's father took to Reddit to complain about the situation, explaining how one of the songs repeatedly asked for a subscription in order to proceed.

Eurogamer has since reached out to Ubisoft, who acknowledged the issue and assured that they are working on a solution. Also, according to the website, this problem is not present in the most recent build of the British version of the game.

Just Dance 2019

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