Let Judgment be done in today's GR Live

Eirik will put his detective hat on for today's livestream, during which he'll be playing the new game from the team behind the Yakuza series.

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Judgment is the new game from Ryu ga Gotoku Studio and while it's thematically similar to the Yakuza series which the developer is best known for, the move away from organised crime and into the world of private investigation gives the studio the chance to explore some new ideas.

And we're going to give you a good look at what those new features are in today's livestream, during which Eirik will grab his magnifying glass and explore the mysteries surrounding a chilling murder. Tune in here at 3pm BST / 4pm CET to find out more.


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REVIEW. Written by Kieran Harris

"We felt the detective style gameplay really complemented what we have come to expect from the main Yakuza series."

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