Live Service Roundup - Early May 2021

Watch Dogs Legion Online gets a whole range of new content and Destiny 2 is looking toward a new season.

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Another two weeks have passed, which means it's time for another edition of the Live Service Roundup. With some pretty major updates coming to your favourite games, here are some of the biggest developments to look forward to in the world of live service over the next two weeks.

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 is kicking off its next season on May 11, bringing an all new set of activities and loot to collect and use in your fight against the Darkness. Known as Season of the Splicer, we're stepping away from fight against the Cabal Empire led by Empress Caiatl, and instead focusing again on the robotic Vex, who have trapped the home of the Guardians, The Last City in a simulation known as the Endless Night.

Bringing a few new activities that revolve around entering this simulation and tearing it apart from the inside, including the likes of the six-man matchmade mode Override, Season of the Splicer is also introducing a series of fundamental changes to the way we customise our Guardians. The much anticipated transmogrification system, Armor Synthesis will finally be making its debut, allowing Guardians to finally look the way they want, without having to wear gear that is not as optimal.

Finally, also arriving during Season of the Splicer is a Destiny 1 classic, the Vault of Glass raid. This pinnacle endgame activity will be exiting the Destiny Content Vault and will be back in a similar yet slightly revamped form. This version of Vault of Glass will reflect the experience we all had in Destiny 1, except this time will feature some modern tweaks to bring it up to the challenge and expectation of modern Destiny 2 raids.

Rainbow Six Siege: Apocalypse

Ubisoft has done a pretty great job of keeping Rainbow Six: Siege exciting to play over the years, and even though we aren't quite heading into the next season of Year 6, we do have a new event to dive into.

Known as Apocalypse, this limited-time event is already available to play in-game and will run until May 18, and is bringing an entirely new game mode that sees two teams consisting of specific Operators fighting over a special version of the Outbreak map. The idea is for one team to defend an explosive container that can be moved around, while the other looks to infiltrate and defuse the container before the time runs out. This mode is very similar to the main Rainbow Six Siege experience, except it offers a few unique features to let it stand out from the rest, including the ability to scan rooms as an attacker to find the location of the bomb.

Apocalypse will also be adding a new range of cosmetics for certain weapons and Operators, each of which can be picked up from the in-game store. So, if you're looking for a new skin for Valkyrie, Nomad, Smoke, or a few others, don't miss out on the opportunity to do so while the event is live.

Live Service Roundup - Early May 2021

Rocket League: NASCAR

Pysonix has been introducing a few different new types of motor sporting vehicles into Rocket League over the past few weeks, with Formula One being the latest. But, next on the list is the all-American sport NASCAR, which will be arriving in the popular free-to-play title on May 9.

This new set of vehicles will be available in the NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack, and will include not one, not two, but three cars from some of the top teams in the sport, alongside a bunch of cosmetic decals to really give them a unique look. Purchasable from the in-game store, and set to cost 2000 Credits, you can claim this pack until May 12, although it will return in the future to celebrate major NASCAR events.

Live Service Roundup - Early May 2021

Watch Dogs: Legion Online

We haven't had all that many reasons to talk about Watch Dogs: Legion Online since it's official launch a few months ago, but with the latest title update set to bring a whole range of new features and content to the mode, it's about time we have a look again.

Available right now, you can access private co-op sessions that will no longer automatically fill your party with other players. On top of that, there are two new Gadgets to use, five new solo assignments to play, and three new co-op missions to build upon the playlist that is already available.

With these new pieces of content to explore, Ubisoft has also made a host of pretty massive changes to the daily/weekly challenges, XP and influence gains to make it even easier to level up and earn fresh new content.

Also available now is a brand-new season pass that has brought a new playable hero character called Mina Sidhu. This character comes with a powerful mind control device known as the OMNI Optik and a mental blast ability that allows her to take the fight to Albion by using the power of her own mind as her greatest weapon.

Warframe: Sisters of Pavros

The talented team over at Digital Extremes are always looking for exciting new ways to keep the Warframe community engaged, and the latest on that list is the upcoming update Sisters of Pavros.

This expansive update to Warframe is bringing not only a new Warframe itself in the Yareli, but it is also bringing a new Corpus threat, the enemy type known as the Sisters of Pavros. These foes are a new variant of the Kuva Lich enemy type and come with a specialised new unit that resembles a metallic dog and are called the Hounds. Then on top of that, we can also look forward to new weapons and rewards in the Void Storm missions, as well as a few changes that are expected to impact Augment upgrades and a few other areas in Warframe, many of which might even see changes before the Sisters of Pavros update lands.

As for when the Sisters of Pavros will become available in Warframe, Digital Extremes has yet to reveal that.

Live Service Roundup - Early May 2021

With plenty to look forward to in the world of live service games, be sure to check back in another two weeks for the next instalment of Live Service Roundup.

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