Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment's PC listing was reportedly an error

"SEGA has no plans to bring Lost Judgment to PC at this time."

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Last week SEGA revealed that Yakuza spin-off Judgment would be receiving a sequel titled Lost Judgment in September. Something that eagle-eyed fans noticed about the announcement is that the Sega Japan website had the game listed for both Steam and Windows 10. This detail was especially interesting as the original Judgment hasn't yet been released on PC, despite recently arriving on Google Stadia, PS5, and Xbox Series.

PC Gamer reached out to SEGA via email regarding the PC versions of Last Judgment and they received the following response: "The game is being announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. SEGA has no plans to bring Lost Judgment to PC at this time."

Are you disappointed to hear that the game is currently exclusive to consoles?

Lost Judgment

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