McLaren racing launches studio for its esports studio

The site has been built with help from the team's partners.

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The automobile company McLaren has announced that it has launched a new Shadow Studio, set to be the main hub and space for its esports team. The studio itself has also been built with the help of the team's partners, with Alienware providing PCs, Logitech G supplying peripherals, among others.

"We are delighted to launch McLaren Shadow Studio and build on the fantastic work the team has pioneered in the esports space," said Lindsey Eckhouse, director, licensing, ecommerce and esports at McLaren Racing. "The McLaren Shadow esports team was launched in 2017 when we saw an opportunity in the space between virtual and real racing, to increase accessibility through giving people access to an incredible racing experience."

The studio also marks McLaren Shadow's commitment to esports and will see the team have greater access and develop in the competitive scene.

McLaren racing launches studio for its esports studio

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