Mutazione launches on September 19

The title is coming to PC and PS4, bringing us a "character-driven game about a community".

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Die Gute Fabrik and Akupara Games have revealed that Mutazione is coming to PC via Steam and PS4 on September 19 for $19.99 USD, following the story of 15-year-old Kai as she heads to the isolated community called Mutazione, so she can care for her grandfather.

You'll make new friends in Mutazione, as well as uncovering secrets and planting musical gardens. Personal drama is balanced with the high-stakes adventure, and you can see what we mean in the brand new trailer below.

"Mutazione is a character-driven game about a community. It's about how we live together; how lightness and darkness exists within all of us, and how every action we take has ripples that can persist for generations... It also has some jokes and stuff!" said Hannah Nicklin, newly appointed CEO of Die Gute Fabrik. "It was an honour to pick up the writing and eventually the narrative design for the game, and I hope that you feel, as I do, that we've found something special here: a vibrant and engaging story about what it means to live together."

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