Mutazione "like a playable soap opera"

Creative director Nils Deneken talked to us in more detail about the game after it was revealed for PC and PS4 last month.

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Die Gute Fabrik announced Mutazione for PC and PS4 earlier this year, and at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) we talked with creative director Nils Deneken to hear more about what the project is all about.

"It's like a playable soap opera, basically," he told us. "So you play as this girl, 17 years old, and she's visiting her grandfather who's dying in this mutant village, and she has to kind of figure out how to help him and how to make him better."

"You have this ensemble cast. For example, if you think about Twin Peaks, you have this side where you get to know those characters and the personal stories and their love affairs [...] it's just as important as the adventure." So aside from the main story "you have also the story of the characters. They have their own personal life and issues and conflict and so on. So I found that really exciting, to learn more about non-player characters and be part of their life, and not necessarily be the sole center of attention."

For more on the game's mechanics and the musical gardens that you'll interact with to help your grandfather, check out the full interview, where you can also see gameplay for the upcoming title, arriving sometime this year.

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