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Dead CellsScore

Dead Cells

Linux / Mac / Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Simply put, Dead Cells blew us away with its bleak world and relentless combat."

Text: Leevi Rantala
Dreamfall ChaptersScore

Dreamfall Chapters


"Despite the technical side faltering a bit, it's an entertaining package of storytelling and puzzle solving."

Text: Leevi Rantala
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3Score

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3


"While it's solid enough, it could definitely do with some more original ideas and a few neat touches."

Text: Leevi Rantala
Among the SleepScore

Among the Sleep


"A game that has a solid idea ends up falling flat on the floor, much like its protagonist."

Text: Leevi Rantala
Driveclub BikesScore

Driveclub Bikes


"The cornering is a bit tricky at first, but the bikes make even the most tired tracks feel like new again."

Text: Leevi Rantala

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