Nintendo and Sony congratulate Microsoft for Xbox Series launch

There are no bitter feelings here!

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Even though fanboy wars are still a real thing, console manufacturers have moved away from this a long time ago. And when Microsoft launched Xbox Series S and X yesterday, Nintendo and Sony both once again proved how the industry has matured.

The Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, posted the following on Twitter (with the mentioned @XboxP3 being the Xbox boss Phil Spencer):

"Congratulations to @Xbox @XboxP3 on the launch of Xbox Series X | S today."

Both the official Xbox account and Phil Spencer replied and thanked. And Sony was being friendly as well, as the Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Hermen Hulst tweeted:

"Congratulations and best of luck to #Xbox for their launch."

Hulst's tweet also included a retweet from the official PlayStation account that also shared their best wishes. Spencer replied here as well-wishing: "good luck to you and the teams on your launch." All in all, this is a friendly reminder that video games have grown up and become a much better place.

Nintendo and Sony congratulate Microsoft for Xbox Series launch

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