de Blob

Nintendo Switch gets de Blob

We'll be getting the same features as the enhanced edition.

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Chroma City is once again in danger, because the evil I.N.K.T. Corporation is leeching colours from everything, so THQ Nordic and BlitWorks have cooperated one more time to port de Blob to a new platform: Nintendo Switch.

This version is based on the PC's enhanced edition released in the spring of last year on Steam, and later on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This includes eight multiplayer modes and four-player split screen, so it's definitely a bit more social, and will suit the Switch nicely.

Even though the Joy-Cons will make it easier and more precise, Blitworks seems to skip the motion control system developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment for the old Wii version, since the press release doesn't say anything about that. Either way, de Blob will come to the Switch later this year in both digital and retail form.

Have you missed de Blob?

de Blob

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