Nintendo turns a whopping 130-years-old today

It's time to sing "happy birthday to U" with Nintendo celebrating a huge milestone today.

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Epic Games is a fairly old company by industry standards. The developer is 28 years old, and was founded all the way back in 1991. Another oldie is Activision, founded way back in 1979, and that company is turning 40 years next month. Of course, both pail in comparison to Sega, which was founded back in 1960 and has thus existed for 59 years.

Add the ages of all of these companies together and you have 127 years of experience when it comes to video games. Impressive stuff, but not as impressive as Nintendo. In fact, the Kyoto-based company was founded 1889, and the date was 23 September. That means that Nintendo is, in fact, turning 130 years old today and we want to congratulate them on this auspicious occasion.

Nintendo started out life in the 19th century (!) making playing cards, but the company diversified over the years and tried its hand at a number of products. It wasn't until the 1970s that it started looking at interactive entertainment, with the Color TV-Game 6 its first console-like product - that had six versions of Pong and not a lot else, but from little acorns, mighty oaks are born.

Since then the company has made a huge impression on the world of video games, rescuing the industry in the US following the collapse of Atari in the 1980s, as well as giving countless hours of entertainment to players of all ages around the world thanks to a roster of iconic characters brought to life on some truly innovative home consoles.

We hope we'll get to enjoy wonderful Nintendo games for yet another 130 years and we promise to be back with more birthday wishes in the year 2149.

Nintendo turns a whopping 130-years-old today

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