Grid Legends

On its first EA Play appearance, Codemasters has revealed Grid Legends

The British racing games developer has announced the next title it is working on.

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Considering Codemasters has already shipped F1 2021, we've been wondering how, or if, the British racing games developer would be showing up at EA Play Live. But, that question has been firmly answered, as Codemasters has now revealed its next project, Grid Legends.

This will be the continuation of the Grid brand, and seems to take a lot from what Codemasters has recently done with F1 2021's Braking Point, as this game has seemingly put a lot of effort into its storytelling. Alongside this, we're also promised a massive range of cars to play around with in its world.

As for the release date, all we're told right now is 2022. But, with F1 games usually coming in the middle of the year, we can infer that Grid Legends to land either earlier or closer towards the end of 2022.

You can read more about the game on the website here.

Grid Legends

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