Jump Rope Challenge

Over 200 million jumps completed in Jump Rope Challenge

It seems as those gamers around the world are happily hopping about on Nintendo Switch.

Announced and published unexpectedly this week, Jump Rope Challenge is a nice free download for Nintendo Switch that allows you to do a bit of training at home.

By holding a pair of Joy-Con controllers as a virtual rope, players can jump and keep in shape. In addition, two family members can hop together to try to set a new record by holding a Joy-Con each.

The game - which is as simple as it is fun - has already enjoyed great success among Switch owners, since - as confirmed by Nintendo of Europe - in just three days, over 200 million jumps have already been registered by players from all around the world. It's a really important achievement as it shows just how much people want to keep healthy during lockdown.

Have you already downloaded Jump Rope Challenge?

Jump Rope Challenge

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