Watch Dogs: Legion

Players can take to the streets of London together in Watch Dogs: Legion this March

Multiplayer was originally due to debut in the open world game last December.

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Watch Dogs Legion is about to receive a whole new lease of life, as its online mode is set to debut on March 9. Online functionally was due to roll out last December, but this was later pushed back so that Ubisoft could continue to improve the single player experience.

Once the servers have been turned on, players will be able to see others roaming around and causing havoc within the streets of London. There's both new PvE and PvP content here that should give the game extra mileage for those who have already completed it. This includes exclusive co-op missions and even 8-player spider bot arena battles.

Recently, we got the opportunity to sample Legion's online mode ahead of its release. You can check out our preview here.

Watch Dogs: Legion

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