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Prodrive's racing simulator aims to turn your gaming hobby into a "striking piece of home furniture"

The unique looking unit is based in a carbon monocoque body.

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Anyone who enjoys a bit of sim-racing will know that having a sim-racing setup is not a particularly spatially-conserving hobby. Between having a PC rig that can run racing games fluidly and well, one or more monitors to display the video game in question, all alongside various peripherals, such as wheels, pedals, seats, and maybe even gear sticks and so on, really getting into sim-racing requires a fair bit of space.

You could of course lean into a more rudimental setup to offset this, or instead look to explore a new option that is being created by the technology and motorsport company Prodrive.

Known as the Prodrive Racing Simulator, this rig is a serious bit of kit, but it's also designed to be more than just raw hardware. As noted on the product's website, we're told that it has been designed to be both a "first-class simulator experience", but also a "striking piece of home furniture."

The website goes even further to note that the Prodrive Racing Simulator also comes in a "sculpted carbon monocoque" shell that serves as the housing unit of the seat, screen, wheel, and pedal box, and that all of this 'floats' in a "striking canopy of 16 layers of birch" that are coated in a glossy black finish.

"This design intrigues. You know it's a simulator, but then you have to look again," said Ian Callum, CBE of the creating-engineering house, CALLUM. "The sweeping form and 'piano black' gloss finish take the Racing Simulator to a whole new place - it's a piece of furniture that can elegantly sit in a living space."

A unit like this doesn't come cheap at all. In fact, it'll cost £39,000 to grab one, but this does include everything, be it the sim-racing peripherals, the 49" 5K, 165Hz display, and also the "bespoke simulator computer" that is powered by a 12GB GeForce RTX graphics card and 16GBs of memory.

As for the Prodrive Racing Simulator's release date, that isn't mentioned, but you can register your interest for a unit here.

Prodrive's racing simulator aims to turn your gaming hobby into a "striking piece of home furniture"

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