F1 2021

Ray-tracing gets patched out of F1 2021 on PS5

It was causing instability, so Codemasters has cut it out for the time being.

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Following its launch on Friday, Codemasters has released a new update for its simulation racing game F1 2021, an update that actually takes out quite a significant feature on the PS5 version: ray-tracing.

The reason for the removal of the feature was mentioned in the patch notes, which stated, "We are aware of some instability within the game for a limited number of users on PS5 relating to Ray Tracing. As such, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily disable it to aid stability. We aim to re-enable this as quickly as possible, and we will provide an update in due course."

The only other note in the patch was addressing an issue with corrupted save files after editing a vehicle's livery in the MyTeam HQ - mentioning that corrupted saves should be restored now as well.

Take a look at the full patch notes here, and read our review here, or watch it below.

F1 2021

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