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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rick and Morty make their official Rainbow Six Siege debut

The new cosmetics allow Fuze and Doc to suit up as the iconic animated duo.

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Rainbow Six: Siege is no stranger to Rick and Morty crossovers and cosmetics, as ever since a partnership between Adult Swim and Ubisoft was teased, we've seen Operators able to play dress up as Mr. Meeseeks, Krombopulos Michael, and even Pickle Rick, sort of. The crossovers have even included weapon skins, weapon charms, and more, but what they've never featured is actual Rick and Morty... until now.

Ubisoft is bringing the famed animated duo to the game as purchasable skins, with Doc and Fuze able to suit up as Rick and Morty respectively. It should be noted that these aren't animated skins, rather they are literal masks that the operators wear, meaning they are, quite frankly, terrifying.

If you don't believe us, be sure to take a look at the skins in the trailer below, and also look to grab them in-game for the price of 2,160 Credits each, or for 4,080 Credits together.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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