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Roller Champions

Roller Champions launches on the Nintendo Switch today

As does the new season, Disco Fever.

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Ubisoft really does like to drop Roller Champions news on us at the last minute. This was the case with the release date, and now it's the same situation with the Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store releases of the game.

As noted in a new blog post highlighting the new Disco Fever season, it has been revealed that Roller Champions will be launching on the Switch and the Epic Games Store today, alongside the Disco Fever season.

We're told in the blog post that the Disco Fever season will bring a bunch of new content, including three new maps (Brooklyn, Venice Beach, Staten Island), as well as a list of new game modes, plus a new Roller Pass. To get an idea of what all of this will look like, check out the gameplay trailer for Disco Fever below.


With this being a new season, there will of course be a plethora of balance changes as well, which you can read in full here. Likewise, if you want to see what we thought about the game, be sure to read our review here.

Roller Champions

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