Skullgirls 2nd Encore

Skullgirls Encore will support PS3 fighting sticks

A custom driver created for the game enables the use of almost any generic pad or joystick.

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Lab Zero Games' upcoming fighting game Skullgirls Encore will allow the use of PS3's fighting sticks. In an article published by Polygon, the developers say that they think players should buy games not new controllers. So they developed a custom USB-driver that allows the use of variety arcade sticks.

CEO of Lab Zero Games Peter Bartholow said that most of the popular sticks will work with the game, including the popular MadCatz sticks. Basically any generic pad or joystick will work as long as it doesn't identify itself as a DualShock 3. As there are tons of different sticks out there, the company will rely on public testing.

The driver was developed by Naughty Dog programmer John Bellomy, who wrote it for Lab Zero in his spare time. But the best part is that Lab Zero plans to let others use the driver in their games for free. They just have to share their work with it in return with Lab Zero.

This sounds like great news for all fighting game enthusiasts out there, since there are currently issues with the compatibility of previous generation controllers and sticks with new consoles.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

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