Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite becomes a comic series

Written by Keith Richardson and featuring Karl Fairburne.

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After seeing success with its WWII-based stealth shooter series, Rebellion is now planning to publish a mini-series of at least three books based on Sniper Elite, as announced today by Rebellion Publishing at their 2000 AD mag.

The trilogy will be titled Sniper Elite: Resistance and will once again feature Karl Fairburne as he, according to the official description, "parachute[s] into the occupied French town of Angouleme in a bid to stop the shipment of a new German anti-aircraft weapon. However, he soon learns the situation is more complex and dangerous than he could ever have imagined".

The comics have been written by Rebellion's own Keith Richardson, while artwork comes from 2000 AD / Judge Dredd Mag's Patrick Goddard. As for when we can get our hands on it, it will be available on August 29, including an alternate cover by game artist Edouard Groult.

Do you think Fairburne's stories fit well with the comic style? Leave a comment below.

Sniper Elite 4

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