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Sonic is now officially visiting Minecraft

Expect some other fan favourite characters and some surprises.

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We've seen takes on Sonic the Hedgehog in Minecraft before, but this time we're not talking about the work of fans, but Sega and Mojang themselves to celebrate the hedgehog's 30th anniversary. In this collaboration, we get Sonic and a whole bunch of his friend like Knuckles and Tails (and unfortunately also Amy Rose) as well as Dr. Robotnik.

A lot of famous levels from the classic Mega Drive games have received new life here, and there are also surprises promised. Check this out in the trailer below, it really looks well made and strangely enough more fun than any 3D-Sonic title from the last decade. Also, to make things even better, it is available now! Check out the official homepage if you want to know more about all this.


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