Sony details complex method of adding an M.2 SSD to a PS5

The checklist: a well-lit room, a #1 Phillips cross-head screwdriver, and optionally, a small flashlight.

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Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 5, we've been told to wait to hear more news on how to increase the storage of the system. Now that day has finally arrived, as Sony has published a support document that explains how and what it will take to add a M.2 SSD to your system.

But, before you get too excited, this isn't as simple as buying an expansion card and slotting it into the back of the system, as is the case for the Xbox Series consoles. Nope, it's actually quite complex.

Before we even get to the installation process, you're going to need a "well-lit room with a table to work on", "a #1 Phillips or cross-head screwdriver", and optionally, "a small flashlight".

As for the installation process, it is a 12-step guide that you can read here, which starts by requiring users to ground themselves to remove any static electricity from their body, in-case they damage the SSD or the PS5 itself. It's also mentioned that this is only available to beta users of the console, as otherwise the SSD will not be compatible with the PS5 system yet.

Fortunately, if you've managed to brave and complete the installation process, getting the SSD to work on the PS5 system software should be pretty straightforward, asking you to simply select the game or app, and then moving it to the SSD in the storage tab.

No doubt you have some questions about the whole process, because we sure do, so be sure to head to the support document linked above to get the finer details about this hilariously complex process.

In other PS5 news, Sony has announced that the system is the fastest-selling console in Sony Interactive Entertainment history, and has passed 10 million sold units.

Sony details complex method of adding an M.2 SSD to a PS5

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