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PUBG Mobile

Tencent reveals esports card game based on PUBG Mobile pro-players

The cards will include stats informed by player performance in the PMWL Season Zero.

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Tencent has unveiled an unexpected way for esports fans to scratch their itch for collecting. The Chinese company has announced it has teamed up with Epics CC to create a series of trading cards that showcase some of the best players from the PMWL Season Zero.

The card game looks to function in the same way as Top Trumps, as each player card has five stats informed by their competitive performance. One card shown for Trance, for example, has a kill stat of 79, a damage stat of 86, a headshot stat of 76, a survival stat of 88, and a knockdown stat of 79

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Thanks, Dot Esports.

PUBG Mobile
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