Final Fantasy

The Pixel Remaster versions of Final Fantasy 1-3 are releasing on July 28

No date has yet been given for the remaining three games.

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Square Enix has revealed that the Pixel Remaster versions of Final Fantasy 1-3 will release on PC and mobile devices on July 28. Each of these games can either be purchased separately and or within an all-inclusive bundle that includes all six titles as well as goodies such as the soundtracks and wallpapers. At present, there is a 22% discount across all titles and the bundle that players can take advantage of by purchasing ahead of launch.

Recently, it was revealed that the original versions of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 were pulled from Steam and we speculated that this was because the Pixel Remaster version would be coming soon. That doesn't appear to be the case in the immediate future, however, as Square Enix has yet to provide us with a release date for the remaining three titles within the collection.

Are you pleased that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 2 are on the PC for the first time?

Final Fantasy

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