The PlayStation Store might have just leaked a sequel to Judgment

Lost Judgment is the name and it will reportedly release on PS4/PS5 September 21.

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We reported recently that SEGA was teasing something Judgment-related with a timer counting down to a reveal on May 7. That date is now here, but it appears that the PlayStation Store might have beaten SEGA to it when it comes to announcing a Judgment sequel.

Twitter user Wario64 recently shared a screenshot of the Japanese store, which appears to list a new title in the series named Lost Judgment. In a further tweet, they also mention that the game will release on September 21 on both PS4 and PS5. Fellow Twitter user alexzan_ also pointed out that there appears to be listings for both a Standard Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition.

Obviously there's still no official confirmation from SEGA on the sequel just yet, but we won't have to wait long as the teased reveal goes live at 3pm BST today.


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