The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors has surpassed 7.2 million downloads

And the game was only released in April.

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The Walking Dead: Survivors launched a few months ago, on April 12 to be exact, on mobile devices, and since that time, the title has seemingly been a pretty big success, as publisher Elex now reports in a press release that it has surpassed 7.2 million downloads.

The multiplayer survival title asks players to build their own town and explorer lands packed with Walkers to be able to grow their camps, and it includes over 80 characters from the comics and subsequently the show, to help players do so.

Elex also took the chance during this announcement to reveal that it plans to grow the title over the coming months and years, including that it intends to bring encounters with more iconic characters, human clans that also threaten your town, and even Walker hordes to have to navigate and deal with.

If you want to check the game out yourself, you can do so on iOS and Android devices today.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

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