Gamereactor has sent editors Bengt Lemne, Petter Martensson and the rest of the GRTV team to Los Angeles to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011. Make sure to check out our video blogs, interviews and of course tons of news - straight from the floor of E3.

New Need for Speed demoed   (Multi)

Cinematic road racer meets QTE

EA's Press Conference unveiled Black Box's new Need for Speed title; a cinematic take on the franchise that sees a race from San...

New Need for Speed demoed

EA E3 Conference Liveblog

Everything as it happens from L.A

We'll be blogging EA's E3 conference as it happens. The live stream will automatically update below every thirty seconds, so there's no need to refresh the page....

EA E3 Conference Liveblog

Ghost Recon uses Kinect   (Multi)

Clancy pledges commitment to controller

All future Tomb Clancy titles will support gesture and voice-based commands using Kinect augmentation, Ubisoft confirmed today...

Ghost Recon uses Kinect

Halo Anniversary detailed   (Xbox 360)

Combat Evolved returns after 10 years

Perhaps the worst-kept secret of the show, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is the original Halo title ported over to the Xbox 360 with a graphical filter giving it a next-gen kick in the nuts. 343 Frank O'Connor assured during a post-conference interview that the game is the self-same original, with players able to switch between the new graphical layer and the original visuals at the touch of a button. Featuring the original campaign, the game will also offer online two-player co-op, and seven multiplayer maps reportedly using the Reach engine. Six will be conventional, while the seventh will be a Firefight match based on a classic locale. The game will be released on November 15 at a reduced retail price, though the exact cost is...

Halo Anniversary detailed

Kindgoms becomes Ryse   (Xbox 360)

Crytek Kinect title gets new name

After a brief and mysterious trailer last year, Crytek's Codename: Kingdoms title finally has got some actual gameplay footage, as well...

Kindgoms becomes Ryse

Modern Warfare 3 screens   (Multi)

Captured direct from E3 demo.

Check the sequence of screens below, captured directly from the explosive demo that opened Microsoft's E3 Conference....

Modern Warfare 3 screens

Call of Duty DLC first on Xbox 360   (Multi)

Microsoft secures timed exclusive

Sandwiched between Microsoft's closing part of its E3 Conference was the single but important comment: "Call of Duty DLC will be...

Call of Duty DLC first on Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 uses Kinect   (Multi)

Voice command system shown at E3

Bioware has demoed the rumoured Kinect integration in Mass Effect 3 for the first time at Microsoft's E3 conference. The tech is used specifically for voice-commands, letting you choose the various...

Mass Effect 3 uses Kinect

Halo 4 announced: screens   (Xbox 360)

Chief's return closes E3 Conference

Microsoft's E3 Conference just finished minutes ago, with the reveal of the first teaser trailer for Halo 4. The video takes place directly after...

Halo 4 announced: screens

Microsoft E3 Conference Liveblog

Announcements as they happen.

We'll be blogging Microsoft's E3 conference as it happens. The live stream will automatically update below every thirty seconds, so...

Microsoft E3 Conference Liveblog

Halo 4 leaked early?   (Xbox 360)

Xbox.com spills E3 conference beans

The announcement of Halo 4 will apparently take centre stage at Microsoft's E3 conference tonight, as someone on the company's official website Xbox.com accidentally made live the announcement early. News sites have captured a single image before it was...

Halo 4 leaked early?

E3: Seven minutes of pure Rage   (Multi)

Video: Massive slice of id's latest

Something a bit more meaty to go alongside the teaser trailer morsels today: over seven minutes direct gameplay feed from id Software's heavily anticipated FPS Rage....

E3: Seven minutes of pure Rage

Spider-Man Edges through Time   (Multi)

Video: should that be Spider-Men?

Edge of Time reunites Spider-Man with his 2099 counterpart by way of developer Beenox, and ahead of the E3 debut of the title, Activision has released a special event trailer showcasing what you should...

Spider-Man Edges through Time

SSX E3 trailer slides in   (Multi)

Mac is back

Looks like EA is quickly pushing itself away from the hardened 'Black Ops' trailer - as it was dubbed - that debuted the return of SSX back onto our console slopes. The newest trailer, and likely to be one of...

SSX E3 trailer slides in

Call of Duty: Elite beta in July   (Multi)

Invite-only public test kicks off summer

Call of Duty: Elite, which will form part of Activision's E3 line-up this year, will receive a invite-only public beta beginning July 14. The social network service will be tested on out Black Ops, with the intention of rolling it out properly come the launch of Modern...

Call of Duty: Elite beta in July

El Shaddai E3 trailer live   (PS3/Xbox 360)

Actioner picks up UK release

The curiously named El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, with the even curiouser gameplay that mixes cel-shaded style plaforming action with Biblical overtones has gotten a UK release date, with the...

El Shaddai E3 trailer live

E3 mobile with Gamereactor App

All the news and video on the move

While the greatest show in the gaming calendar might be happening...

E3 mobile with Gamereactor App

E3 Photo Gallery: The Posters

First shots from the GRTV team in L.A

While the E3 conferences don't kick off until later this afternoon, the GRTV team has been on site since the weekend scouting out the area. All this week between filmed interviews and daily blogs the team will...

E3 Photo Gallery: The Posters

E3 Conferences ready for launch

What's on when today

In just under eight hours Microsoft kicks off it's E3 2011 conference, which also marks the opening of the show and a week-long avalanche of gaming news, videos, previews and interviews rolling out of Los Angeles. As is tradition, things are kicked off by the conferences, of which four publishers take to their respective stages today to present their upcoming wares for the next twelve months and beyond. Microsoft start with its conference at 9am PST/ 5pm GMT, followed swiftly by EA at 12.30pm PST/ 8.30 GMT. Ubisoft throw in come 2.30pm PST / 10.30pm GMT, and Sony wraps up with its conference at 5pm PST / 1am GMT. Nintendo holds its conference tomorrow. Gamereactor UK will be live-blogging the conferences over the course of the night, keeping you up to date with the biggest announcements rolling off the stage. The GRTV team will be shooting post-show video blogs direct from the conferences to discuss the repercussions of what was shown, which will be seeing light of day on the site tomorrow....

E3 Conferences ready for launch

EA reveals its E3 line-up

Heavy hitters from the Arts.

Electronic Arts has listed the games that'll be making a mark on its E3 booth this year, including big name titles like Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3, as well as returning heavyweights SSX and Need for...

EA reveals its E3 line-up
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