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Gamereactor has sent editors Bengt Lemne, Gillen McAllister and the rest of the GRTV team to Los Angeles to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012. Make sure to check out our video blogs, interviews and of course tons of news - straight from the floor of E3.

South Park: The Stick of Truth   (Multi)

Mix Paper Mario, Obsidian and a bunch of swearing eight year olds, and what do you get? Funny enough, a very promising role-playing...

South Park: The Stick of Truth

New Super Mario Bros. U   (Wii U)

Mario is back with another 2D adventure, and it looks pretty much like what you would expect... A new Mario game always evokes...

New Super Mario Bros. U

Gears of War: Judgment   (Xbox 360)

Look at the teaser images pre-E3 of a man in handcuffs, and naturally the suggestion was Microsoft's Gears of War announcement would...

Gears of War: Judgment

GRTV: Resident Evil 6   (Multi)

Gameplay from this year's E3.

The latest offering from this year's E3 is this off-screen gameplay footage from Resident Evil 6. We tucked the E3 trailer in there too, just incase you wanted to check that out as well....

GRTV: Resident Evil 6

PES 13 trailer fest   (Multi)

Konami show off some new moves.

Konami has today released a couple of new trailers for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. We've included them together with a couple of E3 trailers that show off some of the skills being prepared by Konami...

PES 13 trailer fest

GRTV: Wii U Gameplay Spotlight   (Wii U)

Mario, ZombiU and Pikmin in action.

There were several Wii U games on display at this year's E3. Here we have off-screen gameplay footage of three of the most promising titles. First up we've got New Super Mario Bros. U, because it...

GRTV: Wii U Gameplay Spotlight

New Silent Hill trailer and screens   (PS Vita)

Book of Memories opened.

Like many of its Konami brethren, the appearance of Silent Hill: Book of Memories at E3 coincided with a new set of screens and character...

New Silent Hill trailer and screens

GRTV: Lots of E3 Gameplay

Hitman, Transformers and Mickey.

The GRTV boys have been hard at work today editing gameplay from the E3 showfloor. We thought we'd gather all the clips in one handy news piece. Enjoy! Ascend: New Gods Avatar Motocross Madness...

GRTV: Lots of E3 Gameplay

E3 DMC gameplay footage   (Multi)

GRTV: Check out the new Dante.

Here's some off-screen gameplay footage from DMC Devil May Cry that we captured at E3 last week....

E3 DMC gameplay footage

PS Vita trailer collection   (PS Vita)

Loads of vids for Sony's handheld.

We've got a staggering eight PS Vita trailers for you to watch today. Essential viewing if you own, or are considering investing in, Sony's latest handheld device. The first is an E3 trailer that shows off...

PS Vita trailer collection

Resident Evil 6: Hands-On   (Multi)

Everyone's got a favourite Resident Evil era. For the sixth game, Capcom's bringing them all together. At the company's booth at E3...

Resident Evil 6: Hands-On

Wii U must cost under $300   (Wii U)

Analyst suggests low price needed.

Michael Pachter, an analyst over at American firm Wedbush Morgan, has suggested that unless Nintendo launch the Wii U at a...

Wii U must cost under $300

ACIII E3 trailer   (Multi)

Ubisoft's killer franchise.

Here's the latest E3 trailer to be released. This time we're leaving Ezio behind and focussing on a new assassin in a new era. Just the shot in the arm that the franchise needs. Enjoy....

ACIII E3 trailer

E3: The Last of Us   (PS3)

One of the most impressive games at E3 this year was without a doubt Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. After the presentation Naughty Dog...

E3: The Last of Us

Need for Speed E3 trailer   (Multi)

Criterion's Most Wanted.

Criterion Games' re-imagining of Need for Speed: Most Wanted went down a treat at this year's E3. Here's the newly released Announce Trailer, for your viewing pleasure....

Need for Speed E3 trailer

E3 Pictorial: The Week that Was

While the screens and trailer information overload likely blew out net connections worldwide last week, there was plenty to see on-site at...

E3 Pictorial: The Week that Was

Power of Illusion screens   (Nintendo 3DS)

And another release date.

Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion is coming to 3DS on November 23. Disney has released the following screens for the game, as well as revealing an eerily similar launch date for both this title, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. And the trailer, incase you missed it first time around....

Power of Illusion screens

Sing E3 trailer   (Wii U)

A look at the Wii U game.

The E3 trailers just keep on coming. The latest vid is for the recently announced Sing, for Wii U....

Sing E3 trailer

Epic Mickey 2 dated   (Multi)

Trailer for The Power of Two.

Here's a double helping of Epic Mickey 2 trailers. The first is the E3 trailer for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, an adventure game designed by Warren Spector, and set to be released across multiple...

Epic Mickey 2 dated

News Highlights: E3 Week

E3 in a nutshell.

It's the busiest week of the year. If you ever bump into a games journalist during E3, hand them a coffee. It's the only decent thing...

News Highlights: E3 Week
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